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April 2013

Data is compliments of Metrolist MLS.

1. 473 W Kavanagh Avecourtesy of Home Buyers Realty

2. 421 Czerny St courtesy of Klemm Real Estate

3. 2285 Morningside Ct(no picture avail) – courtesy of PMZ Real Estate

4. 311 Acacia Stcourtesy of Fallavena & Willbanks

5. 213 W 20th Stcourtesy of Prudential CA Realty

6. 224 E Beverly Plcourtesy of Got Agent, Inc.

7. 223 E 21st Stcourtesy of Klemm Real Estate

8. 743 Katlin Ctcourtesy of Regency Real Estate

9. 233 Pereira Avecourtesy of Next Generation Realty

10. 431 Czerny Stcourtesy of Intero Real Estate Services

11. 431 Gonzalez Stcourtesy of Coldwell Banker TVG

12. 2880 Butler Ct courtesy of Keller Williams Realty

13. 1305 Dolores Lncourtesy of Coldwell Banker Crossroads

14. 2065 Florentine Waycourtesy of Century 21 Select Real Estate

15. 2800 Rhett Ctcourtesy of Willie Mullallam’s Real Estate

16. 1761 McPeak Ctcourtesy of Open Access

17. 419 Toni Lncourtesy of Home Buyers Realty

18. 2392 Twain Ctcourtesy of AAA Realty

19. 1880 S Central Avecourtesy of Klemm Real Estate

20. 1441 Kyle Ctcourtesy of Din D Sharma Real Estate

21. 181 Laguna Drcourtesy of Real Estate Store

22. 2910 Atlanta Ctcourtesy of Realty World Corral Hollow RE

23. 686 Lourence Ctcourtesy of Art Real Estate

24. 2740 Shofield Lncourtesy of Keller Williams Realty

25. 2050 Bridle Creek Circourtesy of Regency Real Estate

26. 1921 Bridle Creek Circourtesy of Open Access

27. 360 Pepperwood Ctcourtesy of Klemm Real Estate

28. 1420 Kyle Ctcourtesy of Altera Real Estate

29. 1865 Harvest Landing Lncourtesy of Altera Real Estate

30. 2919 Kennsington Lncourtesy of Coldwell Banker TVG

31. 3400 Georgetown Plcourtesy of Regency Real Estate

32. 1925 W Kavanagh Avecourtesy of Open Access

33. 773 Willow Park Ctcourtesy of Crown Key Realty

34. 1239 Palomino Drcourtesy of Excel Realty & Mortgage

35. 85 S Hickory Avecourtesy of Coldwell Banker Reserve RE

36. 225 La Monte Lncourtesy of California Advantage RE

37. 1583 Marine Ctcourtesy of Keller Williams Realty

38. 2533 Choisser Ctcourtesy of Upscale Realty & Investments

39. 2106 Isabel Virginia Drcourtesy of CRES Enterprises

40. 1566 Gentry Lncourtesy of Boehm & Associates

41. 31 Wimbledon Lncourtesy of Century 21 M&M and Associates

42. 1457 Gentry Lncourtesy of Boehm & Associates

43. 1231 Dronero Waycourtesy of Home Buyers Realty

44. 840 Winnipeg Ctcourtesy of Prudential California Realty

45. 1945 Gibson Ctcourtesy of Boehm & Associates

46. 2381 Manley Dr(no picture avail) courtesy of Virtue Realty Group, Inc.

47. 694 Serpa Ranch Rdcourtesy of Klemm Real Estate

48. 495 Centre Court Drcourtesy of Klemm Real Estate

49. 1860 Summertime Drcourtesy of Klemm Real Estate

50. 1781 Parkside Drcourtesy of Klemm Real Estate

51. 1142 Chaplin Waycourtesy of Root & Associates Realty

52. 315 Glenbriar Circourtesy of RE/MAX Executive

53. 1660 Tahoe Circourtesy of Estate

54. 2919 Jackson Avecourtesy of Open Access

55. 1787 Isabel Virginia Drcourtesy of Klemm Real Estate

56. 2261 Cabana Lncourtesy of RE/MAX Executive

57. 1545 Hoot Owl Ctcourtesy of Keller Williams Realty

58. 1084 Mabel Josephine Ctcourtesy of Prudential California Realty

59. 353 Ridgeview Drcourtesy of Century 21 M&M and Associates

60. 3157 Ormonde Stcourtesy of Realty Executives

61. 1186 Poppy Hills Ctcourtesy of Klemm Real Estate

62. 581 Clarence Bromell Stcourtesy of Realty Executives

63. 3957 Windsong Drcourtesy of Klemm Real Estate

64. 1940 Birchwood Ctcourtesy of Klemm Real Estate

65. 4720 Glenbrook Drcourtesy of Home Buyers Realty

66. 2825 Redbridge Rdcourtesy of At Home Real Estate Group

67. 1404 Olivia Ctcourtesy of Jeffrey Pelletier, Broker

68. 2161 Tennis Lncourtesy of Klemm Real Estate

69. 735 Superior Drcourtesy of Klemm Real Estate

70. 4210 Eveningside Lncourtesy of Coldwell Banker TVG

71. 1971 Amatchi Drcourtesy of Century 21 M&M and Associates

72. 1858 Bayonne Ctcourtesy of Ryan L Call

73. 1583 Roger Drcourtesy of Klemm Real Estate

74. 2793 Remington Waycourtesy of Virtue Realty Group, Inc.

75. 1557 Aldacourrou Stcourtesy of John Parisek, Broker

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