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Past Sales

273 Bella Pl

Closed Date : October 10, 2019
Sale Price: $380,000

Like-new, remodeled throughout, 1,535 sf, freshly painted interior &...

13658 Havenwood St

Closed Date : October 3, 2019
Sale Price: $410,000

Sharp, 1,970 sf home with 3-car and 1 BR down, fresh 2-tone painted...

15909 Crescent Park Cir

Closed Date : October 1, 2019
Sale Price: $415,000

Sharp, 1,974 sf, 1-story home, large living room with gas fireplace, black...

17927 Winter Wheat Ln

Closed Date : October 3, 2019
Sale Price: $520,000

Large & beautiful home in court location, large lot (9,193 sf), fresh...

13440 Galena St

Closed Date : July 19, 2019
Sale Price: $389,000

Sharp Stonebridge home has fresh 2-tone, 1m692 sf, painted interior, new...

980 Park Place Ct

Closed Date : June 26, 2019
Sale Price: $525,000

Incredible designer-owned 1-story home with high upgrades throughout,...

1149 Mingo Way

Closed Date : April 24, 2019
Sale Price: $405,000

Beautifully remodeled home that is move-in ready,newly painted front...

17242 S Wood Creek Ln

Closed Date : March 26, 2019
Sale Price: $432,000

Former model home at the back of court location, 1,998 sf, laminate...

302 Johnson Ferry Rd

Closed Date : February 20, 2019
Sale Price: $440,000

Sharp home on corner lot, freshly painted interior, 18 inch tiled...

910 Waterman Ave

Closed Date : August 3, 2018
Sale Price: $453,000

Beautifully updated home with fresh 2-tone paint, new carpet, 2,892 sf,...

17755 Golden Spike Trl

Closed Date : August 3, 2018
Sale Price: $490,000

Beautifully updated home with a rare pool in deep backyard (house sits...

781 Claim Stake Ave

Closed Date : April 13, 2018
Sale Price: $460,500

Lovely home features slab granite counters with full backsplash, under...

383 Scrub Oak Dr

Closed Date : November 8, 2017
Sale Price: $453,000

Sharply upgraded home features plantation shutters throughout, 2,879 sf,...

950 Waterman Ave

Closed Date : November 8, 2017
Sale Price: $385,000

Beautiful & rare large 1-story home, fresh 2-tone paint, new carpet,...

748 Open Range Ave

Closed Date : October 20, 2017
Sale Price: $390,000

Like-new home (less than 2 years old), desirable 1-story with great room...

381 Finchwood Dr

Closed Date : September 1, 2017
Sale Price: $410,000

Sharp & clean 5 bedroom home, new carpet, Corian kitchen counters,...

13340 Pipestone St

Closed Date : August 18, 2017
Sale Price: $393,000

Sharply updated home with 3-car, new slab granite counters, new stainless...

17359 Ferndale St

Closed Date : August 15, 2017
Sale Price: $400,000

Sharply remodeled home features fresh 2-tone painted interior, new carpet,...

17842 Almond Orchard Way

Closed Date : June 29, 2017
Sale Price: $481,000

Large & sharp home on a corner lot with an inground Gunite pool,...

13680 Autumnwood Ave

Closed Date : September 9, 2016
Sale Price: $318500

Remodeled home on corner lot, fresh 2-tone paint, new carpet, 1,528 sf,...

561 Carnaby Rd

Closed Date : July 20, 2016
Sale Price: $425,000

Beautiful & meticulous home and yards, slab granite kitchen counters,...

17716 Almond Orchard Way

Closed Date : April 26, 2016
Sale Price: $380,000

Rare large 1-story home, stone facade entry, 2,423 sf, plantation...

118 Argillite Ave

Closed Date : 3/31/2016
Sale Price: $360,000

Sharp 6 true BR home, 2 BR's down, stainless appliances, gas stove, new...

16730 Victorian Trl

Closed Date : 2/26/2016
Sale Price: $334,000

Fresh 2-tone painted interior, granite kitchens counters, island, gas...

17973 Hidden Well Ln

Closed Date : 10/12/2013
Sale Price: $267,500

Contractor's special, cash offers only. Mold remediation has been...

377 Craftsman Dr

Closed Date : 9/12/2013
Sale Price: $280,000

Stainless appliances, gas stove, large island, 2,564 sf, 4 bedrooms (1...

17995 Early Frost Ln

Closed Date : 5/23/2012
Sale Price: $235,000

Large home on 1/4 acre lot in cul-de-sac, 4 BR + den + loft, white...

15828 Covered Bridge Way

Sale Price: $230,000

Huge byard (8,566 sf lot), slab granite counters, island, stainless...

872 Ferry Launch Ave

Closed Date : 12/28/2011
Sale Price: $290,000

Former model home, slab granite counters with tumbled marble b/splash,...

14050 Jasper St

Closed Date : 12/9/2011
Sale Price: $125,000

Brick fireplace in LR, tile counters, 1,147 sf, 3rd BR setup as a den,...

920 Platinum Ave

Closed Date : 9/28/2011
Sale Price: $174,900

Good condition, white appliances, gas stove, new m/w, 2,315 sf, 3-car...

15586 6th St

Closed Date : 9/15/2011
Sale Price: $145,000

Newer home (2006) with slab granite counters in kitchen, 1,800 sf, laundry...

13298 Cedarbrook Way

Closed Date : 8/31/2011
Sale Price: $205,000

Sharp home with huge lot (10,302 sf, nearly 1/4 acre), fresh paint &...

16565 Upper Pasture Trl

Sale Price: $199,000

Large 1-story model with 3-car tandem garage, cinnamon cabinetry, island,...

498 Cold Springs St

Closed Date : 2/5/2010
Sale Price: $254,000

Large home on corner lot, slab granite counters & backsplash,...

442 Olivine Ave

Closed Date : 1/21/2010
Sale Price: $193,500

5 bedrooms (1 BR down), 3 full baths, 2,225 sf, tile-face fireplace in FR,...

437 O St

Closed Date : 9/10/2009
Sale Price: $109,000

Inground pool with exposed aggregate decking, 1,130 sf, laminate flooring...

457 Maxwell Ln

Closed Date : 8/20/2009
Sale Price: $75,000

Newer paint, newer d/w, 1,300 sf, 6-panel doors, newer roof. Clean...

14400 S Harlan Rd

Closed Date : 8/6/2009
Sale Price: $80,000

Fireplace in LR, white appliances, 1,514 sf, inside laundry room. Needs...

221 J St

Closed Date : 7/15/2009
Sale Price: $130,000

Tiled flooring in kitchen and dining area, 1,473 sf, brick fireplace in...

803 Village Ave

Closed Date : 3/6/2009
Sale Price: $308,000

REO, bank-owned. Excellent condition home with hardwood flooring at...

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